How We Work

At Cardinal Mark, we credit our unique approach to retained search as the reason why we’re able to consistently deliver unparalleled results. Our process is heavy on the research phase, guiding the remainder of the search with a clear vision of who we are looking for and the role that needs to be filled. We rely on a global network of professionals, often engaging more than 300 potential candidates during the initial phases of the search. However, we don’t just look at their qualifications. We take the time to understand your unique company culture so that we find personalities to match.
“We needed to identify an experienced finance person for the CFO position at Minnetronix. We had been searching for over 9 months, reviewed dozens of resumes and interviewed several candidates when we turned to Cardinal Mark. They quickly recruited several qualified individuals and we were successful in hiring an ‘A’ level CFO. I would highly recommend using Cardinal Mark to any organization about to embark on a difficult and/or important search.”
Rich Nazarian, President & CEO at Minnetronix

An Executive Search Firm that does their Research

You need the Right Candidate, for the Right Role, at the Right Time. Cardinal Mark begins by helping you determine what the ideal candidate looks like, the gaps a new hire must address and the timeframe for the search. The most important time spent in a retained search is not in recruiting, it is in the time spent up-front working with you to figure out who you really need and why.

  • The job description is the product of this discovery process, not the start of the search.
  • Compensation has to align with the market for the industry, role and geography
  • The hiring manager has to stay actively engaged throughout the entire search process
“Cardinal Mark took on a very difficult recruiting assignment and executed above our expectations. They quickly and completely understood our needs and had recruited the first qualified candidates within three weeks. Selecting from several strong candidates, we hired our new Director of Corporate Marketing in less than 60 days after engaging Cardinal Mark. They were there every step of the way through a rigorous interview process and successful negotiation of the final offer.”
Enzo Signore, VP of Corporate Marketing at JDSU

We Specialize in the ‘Impossible’ Retained Search

Who you want is a needle in a stack of needles…right? Internal recruiting and/or HR are often not sufficiently equipped, experienced or have the time for the “one-off” search. Roles requiring highly technical or specialized knowledge demand very aggressive research and passive candidate recruiting…not just a job posting on the company website. Furthermore, these often-confidential searches must take place outside the company gossip network

Getting the Best Candidates to Relocate

Relocating executives successfully requires understanding not only the candidates needs, but where spouses, partners, children, parents, in-laws and pets fit in. You can not just address what the move can do for the candidate’s career, but what the benefits are to their entire lifestyle. Does the compensation plan include a relocation package? Gaps between the package and the candidate’s reality must be closed.

Finding and attracting the best candidates for your company requires careful research, an extensive network and a compensation package that aligns with the responsibilities of the position and the candidate’s experience. Don’t make a hiring decision that you’ll regret, contact Cardinal Mark for your next search.