Project Description

Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

Sales Force Recruiting

Cardiovascular Systems, Inc., (CSI) is publicly traded medical device company devoted to developing and commercializing innovative solutions for treating peripheral and coronary vascular disease.

  • CSI needed to implement a new recruiting strategy for sales as the company transitioned from start-up to a more mature growth phase.

  • The sales profile and compensation would be completely different from than the original team, Cardinal Mark worked with CSI to develop and implement a standardized recruitment and hiring process with the regional managers.

  • The strategy including using a new assessment tool to top grade the incoming sales representatives, structured interviewing procedures and candidate evaluations.

  • CMI participated in recruiting and hiring the first 10 “new profile” sales reps successfully in record time, expanding sales coverage to previously unpenetrated locations.  The strategy and process were successfully embraced and adopted by regional management.