Project Description

Hughes Network Systems

Gearing Up for Growth

Hughes Network Systems is the satellite technology industry leader providing internet services to 2.5 million systems installed in more than 80 countries.

  • The traditionally B2B focused organization was looking to grow their consumer satellite-based internet services re-seller network while increasing subscribers and reducing subscriber churn.

  • They needed a top tier Marketing leader who could assess new business opportunities and provide strategic guidance to executive team, develop multi-channel distribution strategies that incent and grow the re-seller network , increase subscriber revenue through the creation and distribution of a portfolio of value added services , and produce a compelling product and online experience that drives engagement and monetization.

  • Cardinal Mark successfully identified and recruited a national pool of of qualified candidates with the requisite experience in building channels and marketing web-based services to consumers.

  • The hire has restructured and grown Hughes’ re-seller network and market share. He has expanded the company’s premium service offering and has increased premium revenue by 4X since taking over the program.