Project Description

Timm Medical Technologies

Building Out the Whole Team

“Cardinal Mark took the time to assess our corporate culture based on our core values and the behaviors we desired in our employees. With a solid foundation, they efficiently presented candidates that fit our culture while possessing the skills and experience to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. With their extensive knowledge of our culture, business model and market differentiation, Cardinal Mark successfully found candidates for a diverse set of positions including senior management (Sales, Marketing, Finance), reimbursement, sales management and field sales.”
Dave Talen, Former President of Timm Medical
Timm Medical Technologies is a medical device company that has helped over 1 million patients with an, ahem, sensitive problem…relief from erectile dysfunction without the side effects of drug-based therapies. Building out their senior management team and sales force required a unique approach and close partnership to attract the right talent to the company.

Timm Medical had seen a dramatic drop of revenue to 1/3 of its peak when a new CEO was brought in to turn the business around while ownership was looking for an exit strategy.

  • Partnered with the new CEO to build the strategy for a completely new team.

  • Rebuilt the senior management team including Finance, Reimbursement, Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

  • Developed a sales profile and process to systematically hire a new sales team and regional management across the US.

  • Sales doubled, positioning the company for a successful exit.