Project Description


Staying Close to People

“Cardinal Mark didn’t just recruit me, they developed a relationship with me that has stood the test of time. When I needed to find a replacement for myself as VP of Sales at Vindicia, I didn’t consider hiring anyone else. I knew Cardinal Mark would take the time to understand our skill, culture and stage requirements in order to effectively target appropriate candidates with our message, just as they had when recruiting me. Having worked with Cardinal Mark as a candidate and a client, I was 100% confident Vindicia would be in great hands.”
Debbie Ellison, Former VP of Sales for Vindicia
Vindicia is the market leader in enterprise subscription billing solutions, helping accelerate customer acquisition, retention and user experience for their customers. When the company’s sales leader was moving on, she needed help picking her successor while wanting to ensure that the value of her equity continued to grow, where did she turn?

Debbie Ellison has Twenty-five years of Silicon Valley leadership experience with Fortune 500 and start-up technology companies creating strategies, deploying teams and making things happen. She has a proven record of building profitable businesses.

  • Debbie’s relationship with CMI started when she was a candidate for a previous employer/CMI client.

  • When she was getting ready to exit her latest start-up venture, Vindicia, and needed to replace herself she turned to us at Cardinal Mark.

  • Debbie wanted to protect the equity she had earned by having Vindicia hire a VP of Sales that could deliver the next level of growth.

  • Vindicia retained our services and the VP of Sales is still at the company 3+ years later, leading explosive global growth with clients like Intuit and Blizzard Entertainment.

  • We still collaborate with Debbie in her consulting career as she refers clients to us knowing they will be taken care of!